Sustainable Future.

Sustainable business means: any participant will profit. This requires a holistic and interdisciplinary view and a smart project concept as well as a professional project management. This is our experience.

Digital Story

Digital Story. The media and communications branch is in change. Digital storytelling moved up to the top of any communication. We are writing, creating and visualizing your story – through attractive images and motion graphics of course alongside with latest technology. We are constructing and stuffing the digital communication channels: websites and social media.


We are working together with different partners from the private and the public economy, with interest groups, stakeholders and public authorities. The development of the objective fundamentals for implementing cooperation is our core business. We are supporting negotiations until the cooperation is fixed – and we are coordinating the planning within a participative process.

Sustainable Advanced Training

Our longtime experience and knowledge we impart in our education programmes and the congresses we are invited. We continue to learn.

About us

Longtime experience in building up brands/ positioning, creating stories, agenda setting toward stakeholders, society and the media. Conception, design and programming for web projects, social media strategies. Conception and implementation of sustainability and environmental programmes, project management, cost assessment, evaluation/optimization, procurement.

Our Mission

Professionalism, Innovation, Responsibility. Achieving targets together – in time.


Our clients are - national and international: companies, municipalites, ministries, environmental organizations, media organization, cultural organization, scientific organizations.

In: Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Malta, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Jordan, Oman, Nigeria, Brasil.

Among our Clients and Partners are:

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, WKO/Austrian Economic Chamber, The Austrian Association of Cities and Towns, The City of Vienna, Linz, Graz, Innsbruck, Stockerau, Austrian Federal States (like Upper Austria, The Tirol, Vorarlberg e.g.), Federal Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt), forum journalismus und medien vienna, UN- Organisation UNEP and UN Habitat, Cultural Forum Rote Haare, Greenbuilding Coucil of Jordan, Austrian association of local authorities (e.g.)


IMD business school, Switzerland

EACD Communication Director, Belgium

ÖAV Austrian Alpine Club

WKO – Austrian Chamber of Commerce

ISWA – International Solid Waste Association

ISWA Austria – International Solid Waste Association Austria – Finance Auditor

ON – Austrian Standards Institute (Österreichisches Normungsinstitut)

ÖWAV – Austrian Association of Water and Waste Management

SV – Court Sorveyer (Gerichtssachverständige)

ÖBM – Österreichische Vereinigung der Mediatoren